Programs are a great way to energize and deepen exhibit experiences, cultivate new audiences, and build valuable partnerships. For the exhibit, each host museum will be able to modify public programming suggestions to fit its community.

Take a Picture

Visitors use frames and words to record a memory of their visit, start a conversation or follow up on ideas experienced in the exhibit. Provided  phrases include “I love you.” and “I’m sorry”, which can help people express feelings that may be hard in other situations. Visitors use their own cameras and phones, or a formal program can be planned around this interactive experience. This experience is an optional addition for host venues.

Love Letters

Where will you send a message of love, gratitude, forgiveness, understanding, humor, curiosity or joy?

Using traditional handwriting materials including postcards, stamps and even a manual typewriter, visitors craft a message or image to someone or something they love. This program was developed by artist Dalia Shevin to explore the magic of snail mail, the wonders of writing by hand and the delight of discovering how much love our words can hold. This experience is an optional addition for host venues.

Story Time

Visitors can slow down and relax with songs, stretches and stories brought to life by educators and guest performers in the reading area in the XOXO Communication Pavilion. A special collection of books and music is provided to support and enhance the content of XOXO.  Additional scheduled programs are optional for host venues.

Musicians & Performers

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh works with educational musicians and performers, whose workshops and songs can be customized to relate to themes related to love and forgiveness. Various styles of songwriting and personal experiences are easily customizable for educational and heartfelt programs suitable to a wide range of audiences.


Visitors are encouraged to take a break and learn some yoga poses with their toddler, including stretching, breathing and meditating exercises. By introducing our youngest visitors to the practice of yoga, we impart approaches to managing stress and achieving personal awareness that they can carry into adulthood.

And More…

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh continues to develop one-of-a-kind programs available for host museums to adapt and execute with local professionals.